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Bioinformatics.Org uses the SourceForge Alexandria web-based interface to provide an easy-to-use environment for developing bioinformatics-related software and information projects.




Developer permissions

Bioinformatics.Org projects have a wide array of features at their disposal. Access to these features by their members is controlled by the permissions system, which uses a MAC-based (Mandatory Access Control) permissions; administrative control over project features is granted per project feature and per project member.

Permissions exist only for project members and can only be modified by a project administrator. A Bioinformatics.Org member must be added to the project before they may be given project permissions.

Permissions management

Member permissions may be managed as follows:

  1. Log in to the Bioinformatics.Org website as a project administrator.
  2. Access the "project summary" page for the project.
  3. Click on the "member admin" link on the left side of the page.
  4. Change the permissions as desired.
  5. Click on the "update member permissions" button.

Permissions may be completely revoked from a project member by removing them from the project.


The permissions system uses the following terms:

Permissions levels:

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