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The Medical Informatics FAQ provides the following definition:

"Biomedical Informatics is an emerging discipline that has been defined as the study, invention, and implementation of structures and algorithms to improve communication, understanding and management of medical information."

That FAQ also points here

Aamir Zakaria, the author of the FAQ, emphasises that medical informatics is more concerned with structures and algorithms for the manipulation of medical data, rather than with the data itself.

This suggests that one difference between bioinformatics and medical informatics as disciplines lies with their approaches to the data; there are bioinformaticians interested in the theory behind the manipulation of that data and there are bioinformatics scientists concerned with the data itself and its biological implications. (I believe that a good bioinformatics researcher should be interested in both of these aspects of the field.)

Medical informatics, for practical reasons, is more likely to deal with data obtained at "grosser" biological levels---that is information from super-cellular systems, right up to the population level---while most bioinformatics is concerned with information about cellular and biomolecular structures and systems.

Leading Health Informatics and Medical Informatics Journals

Ranking of ISI/SCI listed e-Health and Medical Informatics Journals


(i) Impact Factors rounded to one decimal point. Source: Medical Informatics Category, ISI/SCI Journal Citation Reports, published June 2008

(ii) PMC= Pubmed Central. Note that starting in 2008, all NIH grantees must make their manuscripts available in Pubmed Central

(iii) not ranked in the Medical Informatics category

Rank Abbrev Journal Title Impact Factor (i) Open Access In PMC (ii) Editor in Chief Publisher ISSN Focus (keywords or quotes from instructions for authors)
TOP Journals 1 J Am Med Inform Assn 3.1 No after 6 months R. Miller Elsevier 1067-5027 clinical informatics, US-focus
2 J Med Internet Res 3.0 Yes immediately G. Eysenbach Eysenbach 1438-8871 Web, consumer health, ehealth innovations, interdisciplinary, clinical Internet applications, intl ICT policy, public health, telecare
Good Journals 3 Med Decis Making 2.2 No No M. Helfand Sage 0272-989X clinical decision making
4 J Biomed Inform 2.0 No No E.H. Shortliffe Elsevier 1532-0464 "methods that generalize across biomedical domains"
Middle of the Pack 5 Artif Intell Med 1.8 No No K.P. Adlassnig Elsevier 0933-3657 artifical intelligence
6 Int J Med Inform 1.6 No No C. Safran, J. Talmon Elsevier 1386-5056 clinical systems
7 J Eval Clin Pract 1.6 No No A. Miles Blackwell 1356-1294 evaluation of clinical practice
8 Stat Med 1.5 No No 0277-6715 statistical methods in medicine
9 Stat Methods Med Res 1.5 No No B. Everitt Sage 0962-2802 statistical methods in medicine
10 Method Inform Med 1.5 No No R. Haux Schattauer 0026-1270 "scientific fundamentals of processing data, information"
11 IEEE T Inf Technol B 1.4 No No IEEE 1089-7771 telemedicine, clinical networks, broadband technologies
12 Int J Technol Assess 1.4 No No E.Jonsson Cambridge 0266-4623 development, evaluation, diffusion and use of health technology
Low-Impact Journals 13 IEEE Eng Med Biol 1.1 No No IEEE 0739-5175 biomedical and clinical engineering (technical)
14 CIN-Comput Inform Nu 1.0 No No L. Nicoll Lippincott 1538-2931 use of computers in nursing practice
15 Med Biol Eng Comput 0.9 No No J.A.S. Spaan Springer 0140-0118 biomedical and clinical engineering, incl cellular engineering and molecular imaging
16 Comput Meth Prog Bio 0.9 No No T. Groth Elsevier 0169-2607 computing methodology and software systems derived from computing science
(iii) J Telemed Telecare 0.9 No No R. Wootton RSM telemedicine and telecare
(iii) Telemed J E-Health 0.9 No No R.C. Merrell Liebert 1530-5627 clinical telemedicine practice, US-focus
"Throw-Away" Journals 17 Biomed Tech 0.6 No 0013-5585
18 Med Inform Internet 0.5 No 1463-9238
19 J Med Syst 0.5 No No R.R. Grams Springer 0148-5598
20 J Cancer Educ 0.3 No

Based on: Impact Factors Medical Informatics Journals

Not listed / ranked in ISI/SCI

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