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MSA Concatenator

Some popular and powerful co-evolution detection methods, such as MISTIC2, are designed only for intramolecular co-evolution - that is, for the input of a single MSA. There is a simple way around this problem, and that is to fuse or concatenate the two MSAs together. In other words, the first sequence from one MSA is appendd to the end of first sequence of the other MSA, and so forth for the second, third, and n-th sequences. This creates a single MSA in which the size of each sequence is the combination of the two originals. Your MSAs should contain the same number of sequences - if uneven, unmatched sequences are ignored.

You can use the webserver below or download a Java-based program for doing the same thing. When carrying out subsequent analysis, please take note of where the fusion point is!

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MSA (FASTA) Input #1:

MSA (FASTA) Input #2:

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