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Taxonomy Filter

You want to analyze intermolecular co-evolution, and have collected and pruned two sets of sequences, one for each molecule. However, you will need to compare molecules from the same species to get a true view of co-evolution. This tool will help you further prune and/or organize your sequences towards this end.

The taxonomy filter will determine the species based on the taxonomic brackets included in NCBI-derived FASTA files (anything between [ and ]). The simple webserver version will simply report and alphabetize all species names (allowing a user to manually filter through them), while the downloadable version (below, or just the .jar) allows for more matching options, automatically filters and sorts, and reports more data.

At the moment, full functionality is not availabe through the webpage version, only the downloadable version, since it cannot run efficiently purely as Javascript. A PHP version is on its way!

Online (Preview) Version

FASTA File Input:

Offline Files

Please select the files you would like to download. The full package includes the manual, an exectuable .jar file, and the soure code.