FASIMU: Flux-balance Analysis based SIMUlations


Recent version: 2.3.4

Complete archive

All below in one ZIP archive file.


This Zip-Archive contains all the files necessary to run fasimu (fasimu and fabase) and additially two input programs for metabolic networks sbml2fa and reaction2fa.


For a quick start I recommend going through the tutorial (pdf). The most important techniques are demonstrated here on the basis of examples of models from the human erythrocyte (zip), E. coli (zip), and human hepatocyte (zip) .

For full functionality, read the Manual (pdf).

To apply the software in conjunction with BiNA, read the faBiNA Manual (pdf).

For a printout of the overview, here is a scalable PDF of the overview image.

There is a special upgrade guide from 2.0 to 2.1, this is the version change where the most name changes occured.

Older versions