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Welcome to the MaHCO Forum
Submitted by David S. DeLuca; posted on Monday, April 13, 2009
Dear MaHCO Users and Developers, I would like to welcome you to the MaHCO forum, which will provide a platform for exchanging ideas on improving and expanding MaHCO. The main web page containing files and further documentation can be found here: . Below is a summary of the forum organization. Open Discussion: post messages here if you would like to make a feature request, start a discussion about conceptual matters, suggest changes, or point out any major problems (i.e. those requiring changes in ontology structure, or significant changes in term definitions, etc). For minor errors, such as typos or discrepancies, use the "Bug tracker". Help: post messages here if you have questions about working with the ontology. Bug Tracking: This is an alternative system to the forum which can be found by clicking the little red beetle in the menu in the upper right of the page. Best Regards, David S. DeLuca
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