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    EXCERPT released the second edition of the best biology and biochemistry scientists. Our report aims to contribute to increasing the online visibility of researchers and academics working in this field and to highlight some of the latest research discoveries in biology and biochemistry.

    The report also includes a raking by D-index (Discipline H-index), which takes into account only publications and citation values for an examined discipline:

    Scispot is a cutting-edge platform that offers a comprehensive suite of laboratory information management systems (LIMS software) and electronic lab notebook (ELN) solutions, enabling researchers to streamline lab data management. With Scispot's advanced ELN and LIMS software, scientists can easily manage multiple tasks, experiments, and data points all from one centralized location. This modernized approach to lab data management empowers biotech startups and scaleups to automate lab inventory, track samples, and efficiently manage resources, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing errors.

    Request a demo today to witness how Scispot can revolutionize inventory management and streamline R&D workflows with advanced ELN and LIMS software.

    Tumor mutation burden (TMB) is a prediction of the number of mutations carried by tumor cells and has been paid more and more attention in biomarker research. By measuring TMB, the cancer cell now has a unique fingerprint of natural and mutated proteins. Based on our cutting-edge SuPrecision™ platform, Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experience in performing whole exome sequencing (WES) and comprehensive analysis. Our scientists have developed a novel algorithmic approach for TMB analysis for response to checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy. By comparing DNA sequences from a patient's healthy tissues and tumor cells, our scientists can determine the number of acquired somatic mutations present in tumors but not in normal tissues. We are confident in providing clients with the best service at the most competitive cost.



    University of Florida researchers found high-quality human DNA in nearly all environments, suggesting potential applications in fields like medicine, archaeology, and criminal forensics. However, this raises significant ethical concerns around consent and privacy, underscoring the need for guidelines to govern the collection and use of environmental DNA (eDNA).

    The web app runs interactively a pipeline based on the qiime2 analysis package to process 16S meta-barcoding NGS data. It allows both secondary and tertiary data analysis, e.g. from raw reads to rarefied feature and taxonomy tables, and from feature and taxonomy and associated samples' metadata tables to alpha and beta diversity metrics and taxa relative abundance data. All visualizations and results are available for download. Available in Italian and English.

    Resources: Directory of AI tools
    Submitted by Frank Lapol; posted on Monday, May 08, 2023 aggregates and structures the best AI tools out there, including this list of 25 coding assistants:

    Resources: The Zoonomia Project
    Submitted by J.W. Bizzaro; posted on Monday, May 08, 2023


    As we mentioned Friday, the Zoonomia Project aims to uncover the genomic basis of traits in mammals, and researchers are invited to use their data.



    June 29-30, 2023
    Grand Hotel Mediterraneo in Florence (Italy) and online (hybrid)

    The 13th Edition of the Conference brings together teachers, researchers, practitioners and project managers from all over the world to share findings, expertise and experience about innovative teaching and learning methodologies, through online presentations.

    Two days of inspiring sessions in the framework of a highly interactive onsite and online conference experience will be delivered. Enhanced digital contents will give participants greater access to learning, sharing and networking.

    • All accepted papers will be presented on-site and on-line.
    • Interactive Questions and Answers sessions will follow each paper presentation.
    • Poster Presentation Sessions will also be held, on-site and on-line.
    • Networking Opportunities will be organized.


    Extended deadline for submitting abstracts: May 20, 2023
    Notification of acceptance / rejection of abstracts: May 25, 2023
    Deadline for final submission of papers (extendible): June 8, 2023
    Conference days: June 29-30, 2023


    All accepted papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings published by Filodiritto Editore with ISBN, ISSN and DOI codes. The publication will be sent to be reviewed for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index by ISI-Clarivate- Web of Science. The publication will also be included in Academia and indexed in Google Scholar.


    Contact: foe[at]
    Official website:
    Video Promo:
    Resources: FutureTools
    Submitted by J.W. Bizzaro; posted on Wednesday, May 03, 2023


    "FutureTools Collects & Organizes All The Best AI Tools So YOU Too Can Become Superhuman!"



    A groundbreaking project has seen hundreds of scientists across the world uncover many mysteries of the evolution of mammals, work that may help us understand why humans are unique and what specific genetic changes hold the key to disease.

    The Zoonomia Project, which started in 2015 and has now grown to include more than 150 researchers from 50 institutions, featured the genomes of 240 hugely varied and specialized mammals, representing around 80% of mammalian families on the planet.

    YouTube video:
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