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The selection process

  1. Nominations may be submitted by members of using this form (you must be a member and logged in).
  2. Any person may be nominated, but the final list of nominees will be determined by, based on the following criteria:
    • All nominations must be submitted by current members of
    • Self-nominations will not be counted.
    • Nominations of past laureates will not be counted.
    • There must be evidence that the nominee has done something to promote open access in the life sciences.
    • After the above exceptions have been considered, there must remain at least two (2) nominations per nominee (a member must ``second'' each nomination).
  3. The list of nominees will then be presented for a vote, on a ballot, to the members of
  4. The time given for all votes to be collected will be specified on the ballot.
  5. The nominee with the most votes will be the initial consideration for the Award. There will not be a run-off vote.
  6. The initial consideration for the Award will then be contacted. He or she must be willing and able to accept the Award in person at the time of the ceremony.
  7. If the initial consideration will not accept the Award in person at the time of the ceremony, then the nominee with the next most votes will be considered. And the process will be repeated until a laureate is found or until the list of nominees is exhausted.
  8. An announcement about the identity of the laureate will be made sometime prior to the ceremony.

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