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  • Zeshan Peng Zeshan Peng [Send a message]
    Member since: July 19, 2005
    Damon PENG email: Search internet using google with key words of "Zeshan PENG" and "z.s.peng" for finding all referred publications.
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    Career Center
    A fresh PhD seeking a Postdoc or relative pos
    Submitted by Zeshan Peng; posted on Friday, September 02, 2005
    Curriculum vitae

    Current address:

    2415 Rushbrooke, Apt 5
    Montreal, Quebec


    The University of Hong Kong
    2002 - 2006
    Harbin Institute of Technology
    1998 - 2000
    Harbin Institute of Technology
    1994 - 1998


    Software Engineer Letko Brosseau 2007 - Now
    senior software engineer Beijing E-world Technology, Beijing, China 2000 - 2002
    research assistant Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 1999 - 2000


    more than seven years experience in Windows/Linux kernel and User programming using C/C plusplus and Visual Cplusplus/MFC

    Exceptional ability in analyzing software architecture and optimazing source codes

    Outstanding proficiency in Windows/Linux program development using Perl, Java, SQL, Intel X86 Assembly

    A proactive, analytical, cooperative and creative team player

    Experienced protocol development in Client/Server and peer-to peer with TCP and UDP sockets, Video,Audio and Subtitle synchronizing, UDF file systems






    Computer Games



    Zeshan PENG etc. From constrained to unconstrained maximum agreement subtree in linear time. Accepted by Algorithmica;

    Zeshan PENG etc An O (n log n) time algorithm for the maximum constrained agreement subtree problem for binary trees. Information processing letters 100(4) pp.137-144 (2006).

    Zeshan PENG etc Online and dynamic recognition of squarefree strings. Accepted by Intl. Journal of Foundations of Computer Science;

    Zeshan PENG etc An efficient online algorithm for square detection. Theoretical Computer Science 363(1): 69-75 (2006);

    Zeshan PENG etc Editing algorithms for non-linear editing systems based on MPEG2 streams. J. Of Beijing Institute of Technology (English Version), 12(1), pp: 15--18, 2003.


    A 25-minute presentation in Sanya (China), Dec. 2005;

    A 25-minute presentation in Mallorca (Spain), Oct. 2005;

    A 25-minute presentation in Gdansk (Poland) Aug. 2005;

    A 20-minute presentation in Chejudao (Korea) Aug. 2004;

    Detail of CV


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