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Pandjassarame Kangueane [Send a message]
Member since: October 17, 2001
Dr. P. KANGUEANE Executive Director, Biomedical Informatics Professor, Bioinformatics & Biotechnology 17A Main Road, Thiru Panam Pakkam, Pondicherry, India 607 402 EDUCATION (1993-2001): Ph.D., NUS, Bioinformatics, 1998-2001 B.Tech. Anna University, Biotechnology, 1993-1997
Curriculum vitae

Current address:

Biomedical Informatics
17A Main Road, Thiru Panam Pakkam
Pondicherry 607 402



National University of Singapore
1998 - 2001
Anna Univeristy
1993 - 1997


Professor NTU 2002 - 2006
Visiting Scientist Chiron Corporation 2001 - 2001
Scientist SBio Pte Ltd 2001 - 2001




Peptide vaccines

Genome Design

Protein Subunit Interactions


Research in Bioinformation

50 Journal papers, book chapters in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology since 1999



Bioinformation science


Molecular evolution




Zhao B, Mathura VS, Rajaseger G, Moochhala S, Sakharkar MK, Kangueane P. A novel MHCp binding prediction model. HUMAN IMMUNOLOGY. 64(12): 1123-1143, Dec 2003

Zhao B, Png AE, Ren EC, Kolatkar PR, Mathura VS, Sakharkar MK, Kangueane P. Compression of functional space in HLA-A sequence diversity. HUMAN IMMUNOLOGY. 64(7): 718-28, Jul 2003

Adrian PEH, Rajaseger G, Mathura V, Sakharkar MK, Kangueane P. Types of inter-atomic interactions at the MHC-peptide interface - Identifying commonality from accumulated data. BMC STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY. 2: 1-14, 2002

Kangueane P, Sakharkar MK, Kolatkar PR, Ren EC. Towards the MHC-peptide combinatorics. HUMAN IMMUNOLOGY. 62(5): 539-56, May 2001

Kangueane P, Sakharkar MK, Lim KS, Hao H, Lin K, Ren EC, Kolatkar PR. Knowledge-based grouping of modeled HLA peptide complexes. HUMAN IMMUNOLOGY. 61(5): 460-6, May 2000


Sakharkar MK, Chow VTK, Chaturvedi I, Mathura VS, Shapshak P, Kangueane P, A report on single exon genes (SEG) in eukaryotes. FRONTIERS IN BIOSCIENCE, 9, 3262-3267, Sep 2004.

Sakharkar MK, Chow VTK, Kangueane P, Distributions of exons and introns in the human genome. IN SILICO BIOLOGY, 4, 0032, June 2004.

Sakharkar MK, Kangueane P, Genome SEGE: A database for 'intronless' genes in eukaryotic genomes BMC BIOINFORMATICS, 5(1): 67, June 2004.

Yiting Y, Chaturvedi I, Liew KM, Kangueane P, Sakharkar MK., Can Ends Justify the Means? Digging deep for human fusion genes of prokaryotic origin. FRONTIERS IN BIOSCIENCE, 9: 2964-2971, Sep 2004.

James JJ, Lakshmi BS, Raviprasad V, Ananth MJ, Kangueane P, Gautam P, Insights from molecular dynamics simulations into pH dependent enantioselective hydrolysis of Ibuprofen esters by Candida rugosa lipase, PROTEIN ENGINEERING, 16, 1017-1024, Dec 2003.


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