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Peter Schols peter.schols at bio.kuleuven.be
Fri Mar 31 03:20:58 EST 2006

The best got even better...
Congratulations to Alex and Tom for this great release! My personal  
favorite is the virtual digest, but the entire app is a poster child  
for Mac OS X. Wow!

And of course I'm happy to see BioCocoa included.
Keep up the great work!


On 31 Mar 2006, at 09:56, Alexander Griekspoor wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> Just to let you know that Tom and I have released EnzymeX 3, the  
> second app that uses the BioCocoa standalone reader to read  
> sequence files.
> Check it out at mekentosj.com!
> Cheers,
> Alex
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> Announcement: EnzymeX 3 - To cut or not to cut, no longer a question!
> Amsterdam, March 31st 2006
> Mek & Tosj like to announce a completely rewritten version of one  
> their most popular programs, EnzymeX. EnzymeX has become a favorite  
> tool of many molecular biologists using a mac. It is a program  
> developed to help them determine which restriction enzymes they  
> should use to cut their DNA of interest. In addition, it gives all  
> the specific properties of these enzymes to make sure that every  
> digestion is a success.
> One of the most requested features people wanted to see in EnzymeX  
> was the ability to load their DNA of interest and analyze where  
> exactly the different enzymes would cut. Sure there are other  
> programs that can do this, but why do they have to look like coming  
> straight from the 1980's or from another platform? Now the long  
> wait is over and we have finally created a DNA sequence editor that  
> brings all those features and the look and feel you can expect to  
> come with a true MacOSX program.
> New in EnzymeX 3:
> What is not? We have completely redesigned the program, too many  
> new things too mention.
> Here are a few a the main new features:
> 	- Support of many DNA sequence formats through the BioCocoa core
> 	- Direct download of sequences from NCBI's Entrez DNA database
>     	- Finding of Open Reading Frames and translation from DNA to  
> Protein
>     	- Enzyme Restriction maps
>     	- Smart Quick Search, with Motifs searches
>     	- Mini enzyme inspector showing all the enzyme info you ever need
> 	- EnzymeX plugin architecture for custom extensions
> 	- And much much more...
> You can find more information about EnzymeX at: http:// 
> www.mekentosj.com/enzymex
> Download EnzymeX directly from: http://www.mekentosj.com/enzymex/ 
> enzymex.dmg
> Mek & Tosj are Alexander Griekspoor and Tom Groothuis, two phD  
> students at the 4th floor of the Netherlands Cancer Institute.  
> Headed by the characteristic professor Sjaak Neefjes, we are doing  
> cell biological research studying the immune system and cellular  
> transport. To make our lives a little bit less complicated, we  
> wrote LabAssistant, a tool to organize scientific experiments,  
> notes, reminders, etc. (http://www.mekentosj.com/labassistant), and  
> iRNAi, a program to easily find an generate the building blocks for  
> a technique called RNA interference. With our latest and most  
> popular program 4Peaks we won the Apple Design Award for best  
> MacOSX student project in 2004.
>  Today we have released a complete new version of our popular  
> program for molecular biologists: EnzymeX 3
> Sincerly,
> Mek & Tosj
> Alexander Griekspoor
> Tom Groothuis
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>                  EnzymeX - To cut or not to cut
>              http://www.mekentosj.com/enzymex
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