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    Research: Scientific American: Map of body's protein-folding machinery wins a major medical prize
    Submitted by Prashanth N Suravajhala; posted on Thursday, September 11, 2014


    Molecular chaperones in the cell protect proteins from undergoing premature interactions and also bind to them while unfolded, keeping them soluble until they can properly mature. This discovery in identifying the role of chaperones has allowed mapping of the body's protein-folding machinery, and now the discoverers will be given the 2014 Lasker Award.


    The Lasker Awards are called the "American Nobels," and one of the new winners says curiosity is his driving force.

    It's speculation season once again for Nobel Prize watchers. Monday morning winners of the prestigious Lasker Awards for three areas of research in medicine and biology were named, and the so-called "American Nobels" often presage their European counterpart. Eighty-six Lasker laureates have gone on to receive a Nobel Prize, including 47 in the last three decades, according to the Lasker Foundation.



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