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    Opportunity: DevOps Software Engineer supporting NIH NIAID (#RQ1940) @ CSRA -- Rockville, MD (US)
    Submitted by Dr. David Pot; posted on Tuesday, August 15, 2017


    You're qualified and experienced in various things required to build a custom platform-as-a-service. More than that, you want to stay at the forefront of driving efficiency in application development and innovative infrastructure deployment processes. You enjoy seeing the business impact of technology. After starting your questions with "What if we...", you end your spiel with "What we can expect is..." and you help your colleagues connect the dots.

    Do you want to participate in a wave of change? Then consider joining our team to help our client, a large, government scientific and medical research agency, by creating a custom platform-as-a-service offering using cloud infrastructure, shaping the delivery of the platform and it's consumption by developers, and enabling the adoption of DevOps best practices.

    In this role, you'll focus on the delivery of the platform to developers and programmatically tie together the components for an automated and dynamic workflow for hosting applications. There will be opportunities to work collaboratively with software developers to deploy and operate bioinformatic systems in our cloud infrastructure using infrastructure-as-code and continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines. You'll help automate and streamline our operations and processes, working closely with a group of engineers focused on developing the stack for our PaaS. You'll build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring and operations, and troubleshoot and resolve issues in our platform stack.

    Your coworkers are savvy, innovative, and just as driven as you are. A successful candidate will like being a part of a team and enjoy working with other clever and motivated engineers. They are a great communicator and are capable of not just doing the work, but teaching others and explaining the "why" behind complicated technical decisions. They are open to good ideas (wherever they come from) and are not afraid to roll-up their sleeves. And finally they are excited about the future and implementing change as this role will evolve over time, instantiating a new way of supporting the IT needs for a scientific research agency.


    We're betting you're driven to build great things and get awesome results so we don't need to say we are searching for candidates with these skills. Instead, we'll be looking for these required skills:
    • Hands on experience with Cloud services in production environment (ideally AWS). You know the "gotchas", potential problems, and how to setup a geographically redundant service in the cloud.
    • A commitment to best practices. We'll want your opinions on operational processes, DevOps, deployment checklists, and more. (A focus on zero downtime services is a plus.)
    • Knowledge of and ability to use a wide variety of technologies to host container services and registries, continuous deployment and continuous integration services, code repositories, and security vulnerability identification to support the cloud infrastructure. (such as Docker, GoCD, Jenkins, Artifactory, GitHub, ECS, to name a few.)
    • Entry level experience with full stack web development and programming (PHP, Python, Nodejs, Ruby, or Golang)
    • Experience analyzing solutions components, understanding systems integration challenges, and identifying technology gaps in current components that must be resolved to reach future performance targets and functionality requirements in a cloud infrastructure.
    • We have the flexibility to hire someone with the skills for this role at a junior or senior level, so those with a Bachelors degree and 1+ years OR more senior with 5+ years experience are encouraged to apply (equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered)


    And we're hoping you'll also have these desired skills:
    • 4+ years of experience with Linux/Unix variants, especially RedHat/RHEL and its derivatives, including best practices for deploying applications
    • Experience and working knowledge about Microsoft Windows including best practices deploying applications to a WIMP stack
    • Experience with automation and configuration management using either Puppet, Chef, or an equivalent
    • Able to clearly present ideas to both technical and non-technical users and staff to further the adoption of DevOps
    • Extensive knowledge about APIs. You can design RESTful services and integrate with other data providers, and you know when to use JSON or XML.


    Full time employment with CSRA


    Rockville, MD




    Please submit your resume online via to #RQ1940 or via this link:[...]983/1


    Sept 8, 2017


    EEOC. Must already be authorized to work in the US.

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