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    Resources: Repositive Platform -- an online portal indexing multiple human genomic databases (Sponsored Content)
    Submitted by J.W. Bizzaro; posted on Thursday, September 21, 2017


    The Repositive platform is an online portal indexing multiple human genomic databases, and currently the largest portal of its kind in the world. By indexing the metadata from 50+ global data sources, Repositive enables almost 2 million human genomic datasets to be browsed, and using its powerful query engine, Boolean predicates and predefined filters can help connect the research community with the genomic data they need.

    Repositive is more than just a listing of data, it is also a community-driven platform with 2,000+ global users. Repositive advocates open collaboration, open access and open science and rewards users for contributing to the resource with "reputation" points and aims to show to the world just how impactful data, collaboration and further data annotation can be. Giving visibility to how your contributions are being used is an excellent way for researchers to secure grants, where traditional citations of dataset contributors are failing.

    At the center of Repositive is a belief that a collaborative community and better discoverability and accessibility of data can power research and support better diagnosis of diseases and development of treatments. It is their mission to "help researchers to help patients, faster". With most researchers only knowing of 4-5 sources of human genomic data, indexing the hundreds of data sources globally and making them cross comparable can help researchers utilize all the data which is already out there.

    The core Repositive platform is free to join, with non-users able to browse the data currently indexed here: Repositive also offers several services ( like data scouting, help guiding difficult access applications and creating bespoke data catalogues, such as their recent PDX model platform ( with AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim and Horizon Discovery.


    Please visit

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