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    Education: Book and online course: Biostar Handbook
    Submitted by Steven Allford; posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2018



    The answers to some of the greatest questions of life lie within ourselves. Bioinformatics is the new science created by fusing Biology and Data Science.

    Since its release at the end of 2016, the Biostar Handbook has been continuously expanded, improved, and enriched to become one of the most comprehensive and systematic presentations of Bioinformatics from a Data Science perspective:

    Since its release, the book has been adopted across the globe in several universities and research centers. In addition, over the course of the last year, the Biostar Handbook has been expanded with several new chapters covering Metagenomics and ChIP-Seq analysis.

    With the help of the e-book, readers are able to reproduce analytics results from realistic, and cutting-edge data analysis scenarios such as genome variation, SNP calling, genome assembly and RNA-Seq based gene expression studies:

    In the Fall of 2017 an online Bioinformatics Course titled "Learn Bioinformatics in 100 hours" has been added to the book and made available to the readers free of charge:

    The online course provides a structured path through the book and includes assignments and thorough tests and evaluations.

    The Biostar Handbook is the most affordable, low-cost option to get introduced to this new scientific domain. Join the thousands of readers, hundreds of enrolled students that are currently progressing through the book. With the help of the Biostar Handbook, you too can connect to the new generation of scientists that are well prepared to handle the challenges of the data-centric life sciences.

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