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    Education: Pine Biotech and Amity University Summer Bioinformatics Training Program
    Submitted by Sahil Sethi; posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2018


    June 14 through July-August, 2018
    Jaipur, India[...]tics/

    Pine Biotech and Amity University announce the registration for its upcoming Amity University Summer Bioinformatics Training Program which starts June 14 and continues through August 15, 2018. This training program will provide students and faculty access to online resources and practical exercises in analyzing high-throughput biomedical datasets.

    Are you interested in gaining practical bioinformatics skills to be able to analyze large collection of biomedical datasets? The upcoming summer program organized by the Amity University this summer is your chance to acquire such skills in its bioinformatics training program.

    Bioinformatics is a blend of molecular biology and data science and deals with the application of computational methods to analyze large collections of biological data, such as genetic sequences, cell populations or protein samples.

    For today's world biologists, scientists, engineers, students and educators bioinformatics provides an opportunity to enhance their understanding of biology using public domain datasets accumulated in such repositories NCBI, TCGA and many others. Amity University is collaborating with Pine Biotech to prepare online educational modules that provide curated projects and guided tutorials on how to apply algorithms and visualization tools through the user-friendly visual interface platform T-BioInfo ( This platform allows scientists and students from all backgrounds to use computational approaches to explore large biomedical data.

    The innovative program will address the major skills gap in processing and analysis of high-throughput biomedical data. This will be achieved by participants applying algorithms to quantify gene expression and detect statistically significant variation from RNA-seq projects in oncology.

    The summer program will see the use of a "deep dive" project based approach that reduces time spent on theoretical introductions to quickly introduce the students to the real issues and challenges one faces in a research project. This milestone achievement is possible due to utilization of the popular T-BioInfo platform that provides an intuitive and educational interface for the complex processing and analysis tools.

    About Amity University & Pine Biotech:
    Amity University, Jaipur established by the Govt. Act of 2008 of Government of Rajasthan. Its goal is to increase student interest in biomedical research careers throughout the world by providing summer research opportunities and programs to all Indian institutions.

    Pine Biotech is biomedical data analytics company that is commercializing a SaaS informatics platform for commercial researchers in need of a reliable and flexible solution to analyze large volumes of multi omics data. It's mission is to bring exiting new capabilities of big omics data analysis and integration using a simple and intuitive interface, innovative algorithms, integration and visualization.

    For more information and course registration visit the website or send an email to info[at]

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