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    Events: Program for Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science (WORKS) Workshop 2018
    Submitted by Hoang Nguyen; posted on Saturday, November 10, 2018

    Sunday, November 11, 2018, 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
    Dallas, Texas, USA
    Held in conjunction with SC18 (
    Room D173, Lower Lobby D

    The program of the 13th Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science (WORKS) Workshop is now available (

    9:00-9:10 Welcome. Sandra Gesing and Rafael Ferreira da Silva
    9:10-10:00 Ilkay Altintas (invited keynote talk)
    10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

    Session "Scheduling and Resource Allocation":
    10:30-10:55 Reduction of Workflow Resource Consumption Using a Density-based Clustering Model. Qimin Zhang, Nathaniel Kremer-Herman, Benjamin Tovar, Douglas Thain
    10:55-11:20 Flux: Overcoming Scheduling Challenges for Exascale Workflows. Dong H. Ahn, Ned Bass, Albert ChuJim Garlick, Mark Grondona, Stephen Herbein, Joseph Koning, Tapasya Patki, Thomas R. W. Scogland, Becky Springmeyer, Michela Taufer
    11:20-11:45 LOS: Level Order Sampling for Task Graph Scheduling on Heterogeneous Resources. Carl Witt, Sam Wheating, Ulf Leser
    11:45-11:55 Energy-Aware Workflow Scheduling and Optimization in Clouds using Bat Algorithm. Yi Gu, Chandu Budati

    Session "Provenance and Enhanced Monitoring":
    11:55-12:20 A Practical Roadmap for Provenance Capture and Data Analysis in Spark-based Scientific Workflows. Thaylon Guedes, Vitor Silva, Marta Mattoso, Marcos Bedo, Daniel Oliveira
    12:20-12:30 End-to-End Online Performance Data Capture and Analysis for Scientific Workflows. George Papadimitriou, Cong Wang, Karan Vahi, Rafael Ferreira da Silva, Anirban Mandal, Zhengchun Liu, Rajiv Mayani, Mats Rynge, Mariam Kiran, Vickie E. Lynch, Rajkumar Kettimuthu, Ewa Deelman, Jeffrey S. Vetter, Ian T. Foster
    12:30-14:00 Lunch

    Session "Heterogeneous Architectures":
    14:00-14:25 Planner: Cost-efficient Execution Plans Placement for Uniform Stream Analytics on Edge and Cloud. Laurent Prosperi, Alexandru Costan, Pedro Silva, Gabriel Antoniu
    14:25-14:50 Dynamic Distributed Orchestration of Node-RED IOT Workflows Using a Vector Symbolic Architecture. Christopher Simpkin, Ian J. Taylor, Daniel Harborne, Graham Bent, Alun Preece, Raghu K. Ganti
    14:50-15:00 Optimizing the Throughput of Storm-based Stream Processing in Clouds. Huiyan Cao, Chase Q. Wu, Liang Bao, Aiqin Hou
    15:00-15:30 Coffee Break

    Session "Workflow Tools and Support Environment":
    15:30-15:55 DagOn*: Executing direct acyclic graphs as parallel jobs on anything. Raffaele Montella, Diana Di Luccio, Sokol Kosta
    15:55-16:20 WRENCH: A Framework for Simulating Workflow Management Systems. Henri Casanova, Suraj Pandey, James Oeth, Ryan Tanaka, Frédéric Suter, Rafael Ferreira da Silva
    16:20-17:30 Panel "The Future of Scientific Workflows: Challenges and Opportunities" (panelists will be announced soon)

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