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    Education: Next-Generation Sequencing data analysis -- workshop for beginners!
    Submitted by Stepan Stoces; posted on Friday, January 17, 2020


    April 22-24, 2020
    Brno, Czech Republic

    Nowadays, Next-Generation sequencing technologies form an essential part of almost all disciplines of biological sciences in research and diagnostics. Due to their quantity and namely complexity, NGS data are typically processed by qualified bioinformaticians or computational biologists. This presents a serious issue even for experienced researchers who have never studied this field of science simply because it has emerged just recently and suddenly there is a need to adapt to completely new tools, workflows and scientific terminology not to perform this sequencing data analysis process – after all, this is why we employ bioinformaticians, but to understand it properly.

    Our workshop gives you the opportunity to understand basics of NGS data processing. The aim of the workshop is to teach you to perform basic steps of NGS data analysis including but not limited to raw data manipulations, quality control, removal of low-quality sequences, sequencing adapters, artifacts, or other contaminations, and especially preparation of a high-quality data set that can be used for downstream analysis.

    You will get to know various NGS data formats, learn about specific problems of sequencing technologies used and how to handle them, and understand the background of individual processes in NGS data editing. You will not become a bioinformatician after this 3-day workshop, but you will set off for becoming a qualified partner for bioinformaticians in your team.

    Please note: If you are not familiar with Next-Generation sequencing technologies, we do encourage you to take part also at our 2-day Introduction to Next-Generation Sequencing Course, which is just preceding this workshop.

    Who should attend?
    This workshop is designed for biologists or beginners in bioinformatics who perform or plan to perform Next-Generation sequencing data analysis. No prior knowledge of sequence data analysis or specific programming skills are required.

    You will learn to:
    • Work in a command line in Ubuntu Unix operating system environment
    • Evaluate quality of raw NGS data
    • Perform basic operations with NGS data
    • Remove low-quality reads, sequencing artifacts, duplications and contaminations
    • Visualize results
    • You will have the option of networking with experienced team of speakers and other participants
    Overall, you will learn all essential steps how to prepare NGS data for advanced downstream analysis (application-specific).

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