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    Books: Call for Chapters: Next Generation Sequencing: Standard Operating Procedures and Applications
    Submitted by Prashanth N Suravajhala; posted on Wednesday, March 29, 2023


    We're pleased to inform you that we're working on an edited collection with the working title, Next Generation Sequencing: Standard Operating Procedures and Applications. Jeff Bizzaro and I are the editors, and we anticipate that the collection will comprise protocols, standard operating procedures and best practices in NGS data analysis.

    The book will be published by CRC Press / Taylor and Francis.


    We are looking for contributed chapters on the following topics or subtopics, including specific tools:

    Quality Control:
    • FastQC
    • MultiQC
    Read Alignment:
    • Bowtie
    • BWA
    • HISAT2
    Variant Calling:
    • GATK
    • SAMtools
    • VarScan
    Transcriptome Assembly:
    • Trinity
    • StringTie
    • Oases
    Differential Expression Analysis:
    • DESeq2
    • edgeR
    • limma
    Functional Annotation:
    • DAVID
    • Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment
    • KEGG pathway analysis
    Clustering and Classification:
    • Principal component analysis (PCA)
    • Hierarchical clustering
    • Machine learning algorithms
    • ChIP-seq
    • ATAC-seq
    • RNA-seq
    • QIIME
    • MOTHUR
    • MG-RAST
    • MetaPhlAn


    Prashanth N. Suravajhala, Ph.D. is a Principal Scientist at Amrita School of Biotechnology, India. With over 7 years of postdoctoral experience, he led projects in systems genomics and next-gen sequencing analysis. He explores unknown regions of the human genome, focusing on top-down systems biology of hypothetical proteins and has developed an interest in long noncoding RNAs. Prashanth has over 90 peer-reviewed publications, edited 3 books, and advocates for open access and open science. He founded, India's largest bioinformatics society. He can be reached at

    J.W. Bizzaro, M.Sc. is co-founder of, a professional network that provides various resources to professionals in the field of bioinformatics while advancing open source software and open access research. He has been involved in the field for more than 25 years and has made significant contributions to the development of bioinformatics software, including MeltSim, a DNA melting simulator. His research interests include structural and evolutionary genomics. He can be reached at


    If you would like to contribute or would like more information, please contact: prash[at]

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