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    Education: Creative Biolabs updated 2023 scholarship program to support future scientists in life sciences
    Submitted by Bella Smith; posted on Thursday, August 31, 2023

    Creative Biolabs, a leading biotech company specializing in customized solutions for antibody discovery and engineering, updated its highly anticipated scholarship program for 2023 in the field of life sciences.

    Creative Biolabs has established itself as a prominent player in the biotechnology industry, making significant contributions to various areas of life sciences, like antibodies, ADC development, and immunotherapies. The company has built a reputation as a trusted partner for academic researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech startups, offering high-quality services and customized solutions.

    Creative Biolabs Scholarship Program:

    The Creative Biolabs scholarship program is set to support undergraduate and graduate students studying life sciences who demonstrate academic excellence and a strong passion for advancing the field. By inspiring students to contribute to cutting-edge research projects, the program seeks to foster scientific progress.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    The eligibility criteria are fair and reasonable, ensuring that deserving students receive the scholarship award. The minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 ensures that only students with above-average academic performance are considered. Additionally, extracurricular activities, leadership skills, and community involvement are taken into consideration, ensuring a comprehensive selection process.

    Scholarship Details:

    Selected applicants will be awarded a scholarship of $1,000, which can be utilized for tuition fees or educational expenses related to their studies in the sciences. Creative Biolabs will review all applications and select the most deserving candidate to receive the scholarship.

    Application Process:

    To apply for the Creative Biolabs Scholarship Program, students must complete an application form and submit it along with their academic transcripts, a reference letter from a teacher, school counselor, or community leader, and either a written essay of 800-1,000 words or a PowerPoint presentation of 10-12 pages with detailed lecture notes. The essay or PowerPoint submission should be original, grammatically correct, and emphasize the applicant's passion for their field of study, achievements, and future plans. The essay or PowerPoint requirement also allows the selection committee to evaluate the student's writing and presentation skills, which are essential qualities in their chosen field. All applications and supporting documents should be sent online to the designated email address.

    All applications must be submitted by September 30, 2023, and winners will be announced in October 2023.

    More details about the scholarship program can be found at

    About Us:

    Creative Biolabs is a cutting-edge biotech company that has emerged as a global leader in the field of antibody discovery and development. With a strong commitment to innovation and scientific excellence, Creative Biolabs has revolutionized the way antibodies are engineered and utilized in various research and therapeutic applications. At the core of Creative Biolabs' expertise lies their extensive premade antibody libraries, which serve as invaluable resources, providing researchers with an extensive repertoire of antibody candidates for targeted applications such as drug discovery, diagnostics, and immunotherapy.


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