(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Gemvid compatible with Fedora? (or any other GNU/Linux distribution)

Although we developed our system on a Red Hat system, it is compatible with any other GNU/Linux distribution provided the Video4Linux library is working on it. Our system doesn’t depend on any specificity that a specific distribution could have.

Would it be difficult to develop a MS-Windows version of Gemvid?

Although it would be possible, the development of a MS-Windows version would have the following difficulties:

  • less versatility because the software will have to be adapted to each different frame grabber system on the market (Video4Linux provides a unified way to access to the hardware) ;
  • more elevated costs due to the use of a proprietary compiler and more powerful computer (in order to properly run the operating system only).

Could we modify the software to provide the option of saving only necessary information"?

This is a very interesting point and we will modify the software in order to provide this option. Please note that we already planned to change the way we store data, from simple text file to a binary format. This format will need much less space (but it will need more processing from developers of third-party software).