Here is one of the first screenshot (on the website) :

Gemvid screenshot

The rat is in its cage, seen from an IR camera (IR not enabled here since lights are on). You can see green pixels on the right side of the rat head and around its eyes. These green pixels are shown in real time on the computer and represents the pixels changed since the previous frame (1/25th of second before this frame)

Rat during dark and light phase

The rat in its cage, at different times of the day: during the dark phase on the left (active, see green pixels) and the light phase on the right (quiet, nearly asleep)

Another Gemvid screenshot

Another Gemvid screenshot with an active rat

Gemvid setup with known moving device

Gemvid setup with known moving device. The problem here is that we also computed movement of the mobile and not only the moving surface. Next version below is much better.

Gemvid setup with known moving surface

Gemvid setup with known moving surface. Knowing the speed of movement and the plane dimensions, we demonstrated Gemvid is accurate

Gemvid with a metronome

Gemvid with a metronome. We demonstrated with this the sensitivity and the stability over time.