Here is the hardware Gemvid is known to work ...

The original PC we used is based on an Intel Pentium II processor, 192Mb of RAM and the RedHat 7.0 GNU/Linux distribution. The frame grabber used is an ATI Rage 128 Pro with TV tuner.

Gemvid should run smoothly on any computer with any GNU/Linux distribution and any frame grabber recognized by the Video4Linux library.

The cameras we used are:

  • a Sony CCTV camera: only in visible light, gives a lot of noise (pixels are changing even when filming a uniform, non-moving background)
  • a Shenzhen Lianyida Science Co. CCTV camera with IR capabilities (LYD-806C CCD): a very good camera

If you (un)successfully tested Gemvid with other hardware, please feel free to edit this wiki, to send us an e-mail or to post a message in the forum.