RDFScape features list

Queries on ontologies

RDFScape supports:

  • SPARQL queries
  • RDQL queries
  • queries based on Class membership
  • queries based on string similiarity

In addition to these standard queries, RDFScape supports also:

  • Interactive context-based browsing of ontologies (right selecting a node prompts all statemente associated to this node, and their selection "drives" the expansion of the network").
  • Visual queries. Elements of a network can be declared as "variables", and the resulting "pattern" can be used as a visual query.

Visualization of ontologies

  • Visualize and search results of queries on a network.
  • Select resources to be visualized by namaspace (as well as their color).
  • Fine tune visulization options: show datatypes as attributes, show rdf:label or URIs as node labels, show nodes corresponding to the same URIs as distinct nodes (ex. currency metabolites).


  • Apply RDFS/OWL inference with varying levels of axiom coverage, add you own axioms as inference rules to evaluate your interpretation of the domain.
  • Use also the inferred knowledge in all your queries, visualization and so on...
  • You can filter the inferred knowledge, and derive semantic tranformation of the original ontologies (pathway ontologies as interaction networks, pathway ontologies as causal networks...)

Link ontologies to a networks in Cytoscape

  • Map ontologies (and the facts they entails) to a Cytoscape network.

Coming next

  • Extension of term scoring function (From terms enrichment to ontology patterns enrichment) (under development)
  • Inference of statements from data (under development)