Release 0.4.1

  • Simplified interface. The flow of information is now explicitely marked (what can be done and what can't be done depending on the "state" of RDFScape is marked through an icon in each panel). The interactive browser menu has been re-designed ans simplified. Default behaviours have been made more intuitive and other minor improvements have introduced to make RDFScape more user friendly.
  • Help. Help is available for each panel in RDFScape, plus a link to help available on the web is present.
  • Updated. Latest versions of Cytoscape, Jena and Pellet are supported.
  • Bugfixes. Several bugs have been fixed.
  • New package. A new simplified package is provided. Just unzip it in the Cytoscape directory and run Cytoscape/RDFScape through a .bat or .sh file. No additional setup of files or libraries is required.

you can download an easy to install tarball here (jvm1.6) (jvm1.5) (tested on unix,macosx, a little on windows). Just unpack it within your cytoscape directory and run or cytordfscape.bat (proper permissions may be required).

Note: check which version of Java (1.5 or 1.6) you are running!

If the above procedures doesn't work in your case, you can also find individual files here (JVM 1.6) (JVM 1.5) and here(follow instructions in HowToInstall).

Source code is available here

Release 0.2.0 (8/7/2007)

You can download a tarball here. Include a very basic analysis context and a vizmapper property files. Works with: Cytoscape 2.4.1 Jena 2.5.2 Pellet 1.5-RC1

Some functionalities have not yet been tested under the porting to these new softwares (rules, mapping...)

Note: no install software is provided. You will need to install requied libraries AND context files AND the vizmap property file.

Release 0.1.1

Check release 0.1 for installation instructions, these did not change.

Inference engine reworked. Pellet + Jena reasoners supported. Rule supported in or on top of reasoners (e.g.:Pellet)

You can download a binary.

Release 0.1

This is a development release intended for a technically knowledgeable public intended in experiment semantic web ontologies in the context of Cytoscape. It is not yet intended for the general public.

Please read installation notes before proceeding.

You can download a binary.

Source code is here.

A default for an Analysis contexts is here (you will need one).

If you wish to be notified of next releases, leave your email here (This is highly recommended since this is just a development release).

Good luck!