February 2010

RDFScape has been heavily reworked at the BioHackaton2010, thanks to the support of KeiIchiro Ono. A new version is in advanced refactoring, and can be downloaded from, where the code is currently hosted. Highlights of the new upcoming version are:

  • Works on local disk-based triplestore, on memory models or on remote sparql endpoint
  • Simplified user interface
  • Easy install (downloadable as a single plugin)

This version is in development for Cytoscape 2.7.

1 December 2008

The main developer od RDFSCape has joined the ondex group at Rothamsted Research. Therefore some of the functionalities of RDFScape will be ported to this software. This doesn't mean that the current code-base will be abandoned, but it will probably benefit of better engineering. Part of the Semantic Web based "processing" in RDFScape will probably benefits from part of another project in development: beat

21 April 2008

Current release is 0.4.2. it proposes the same features as 0.4, with a few bug fixes.

7, February 2008

RDFScape 0.4 is out!!

  • Simplified interface. The flow of information is now explicitely marked (what can be done and what can't be done depending on the "state" of RDFScape is marked through an icon in each panel). The interactive browser menu has been re-designed ans simplified. Default behaviours have been made more intuitive and other minor improvements have introduced to make RDFScape more user friendly.
  • Help. Help is available for each panel in RDFScape, plus a link to help available on the web is present.
  • Updated. Latest versions of Cytoscape, Jena and Pellet are supported.
  • Bugfixes. Several bugs have been fixed.
  • New package. A new simplified package is provided. Just unzip it in the Cytoscape directory and run Cytoscape/RDFScape through a .bat or .sh file. No additional setup of files or libraries is required.

To download RDFScape follow the link to Releases

18 January 2008

Current svn version of RDFScape supports Cytoscape 2.5.1, Jena 2.5.4, Pellet 1.5.1

8 July, 2007

RDFScape 0.2.0 updated to Cytoscape 2.4.1. Have a look at Releases.

19 June, 2006

RDFScape 0.1.1 is out! if you want to try it, have a look at Releases

29 May, 2006

RDFScape 0.1 is out !

if you want to try it, have a look at Releases

5 Avril, 2006

Added support for Pellet AND "DIG" reasoners.