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    [ Ticket #1143 ] Safari/OSX - filename and folder issues in tutorials
    04/13/11 17:14
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    Not Resolved
    Safari/OSX - filename and folder issues in tutorials
    Original submission:
    With Safari on OSX, there are several problems with getting the tutorials to work as shown.

    1. There is no way to get Safari to prompt you for a target folder each time you download a file. They all go to a default folder, set in Preferences. This is especially frustrating because you have to do some detective work to discover where the fuck the things were downloaded to! Another example of why it is idiotic to hide the file paths from users, as OSX seems to do.

    2. When you have a file in a text editor, and choose SaveAs, you have to explicitly tell the chooser NOT to put a .txt extension onto each file. For example, in the dataset tutorial, the accession number files are supposed to get a .acc extension, or the subsequent unix commands that we ask people to type won't work.

    3. The dataset tutorial has a further problem, which is that the file extensions you get when running searches like tblastn will not give file extensions like .dbj, or .gb, when you send output to a file. Again, there is no .acc file extension. We need to rethink how to do this.
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    Field Old value Date By
    status_id Pending 04/13/11 17:14 B_Fristensky
    priority 5 04/13/11 17:14 B_Fristensky
    assigned_to unset 04/13/11 17:14 B_Fristensky
    resolution_id Unset 04/13/11 17:14 B_Fristensky


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