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Opportunity: Senior Software Engineer @ Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center -- New York, NY (US)
Submitted by Nicholas D. Socci; posted on Friday, July 19, 2013
The Bioinformatics Core (BIC) Facility is seeking a Senior Software Engineer to support research projects by designing, developing and implementing software tools and software systems for computational biology. Working closely in a small group atmosphere (approx. 15 members from diverse disciplines), you will act as a consultant on questions of software architecture, modularity, interoperability and efficiency, as well as conduct training activities on software development.

* Develop software tools for computational biology and biomedical informatics
* Design and implement features (algorithms, data structures, database access, visualization, user interface) of new modifications of existing applications
* Responsible for program design, coding, testing, debugging and documentation
* Provide advice to other software engineers and research fellows on key aspects of software architecture, including choice of programming language, input/output strategy, modularity, granularity and strategy of encapsulation, connectivity to HPC services, etc.
* Prepare software project plans in specific scientific areas, such as analysis of genomic and clinical data in cancer research
* Teach in the areas of software languages, software architecture and web communication
* Participate in appropriate conferences and seminars to maintain up to date technical knowledge in software technology and mathematical-scientific methods and algorithms

* MA/MS or equivalent in Mathematics, Computer Science or Bioinformatics
* Five (5) years of related experience in software development
* Must have broad knowledge of software architecture and proven record of implementing software systems
* Must have basic knowledge of bioinformatics
* Demonstrated competency with:
- Programming languages (Java required; C/C++ desirable)
- Scripting languages (one of Perl, Python, awk)
- Relational databases (such as Oracle, MySQL)
- Operating systems (such as Linux)
- Basic ability to map quantitative biological observables onto their computer representation
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills to be a contributing member of a multi-disciplinary team

To apply, send CV or resume to bic-recruit[at] and include "Software Engineer" in the subject line.

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