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    Opportunity: Postdoctoral BIOINFORMATICIAN @ NKI (Amsterdam) & Astrazeneca (UK)
    Submitted by Garry Beran; posted on Thursday, March 19, 2009


    Pathway-Based Stratification of Colorectal Cancer and Alignment of Cell Line Models

    The development of novel anti-cancer agents that target growth signaling pathways presents many challenges, the most demanding being to identify which tumours are dependent on a given pathway and thus the patient group most likely to respond to therapy. Current approaches rely on measuring individual markers that act as surrogates for pathway status, but give little information on activation state or cellular addiction.

    This project will develop in silico techniques to integrate and analyse genetics, genomics and protein level data across the PI3K and MAPK signaling networks. These data sets have been generated through comprehensive molecular characterisation of a cohort of colorectal tumours and a panel of colorectal cell lines. Specific objectives include
    • Assemble comprehensive gene list of the PI3K and MAPK network
    • Model pathway status in colorectal tumours and cell lines through integrative analysis of the molecular data
    • Stratify colorectal tumours and cell lines on the basis of predicted pathway activation
    • Intersect tumour and cell line pathway models to assess how accurately cell lines recapitulate human disease at the pathway level
    The results from this project will not only increase knowledge of colorectal cancer and molecular stratification techniques, but provide valuable information on the utility of cell line models for generating pre-clinical hypotheses for personalised medicine.


    We seek an individual with knowledge of both informatics and biology, with particular interest in translating complex data into testable hypotheses. Candidates should fulfill the following criteria.
    • PhD (or equivalent) in one of the following areas: bioinformatics, bio-engineering, computer science, statistics, physics, biotechnology, or biology.
    • Knowledge of biology, particularly signaling pathways.
    • Knowledge of fundamental aspects of informatics and computer science (data structures, programming languages).


    The successful candidate will be employed by the Netherlands Cancer Institute. The employment conditions follow general employment rules as laid down in the ‘CAO’ for hospitals.


    The salary will be determined depending on education and experience.


    The position is embedded within the Bioinformatics and Statistics group led by Dr Lodewyk Wessels ( at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam and the AstraZeneca Oncology Informatics group, Discovery Medicine, Alderley Park, UK led by Dr Tim French. Regular meetings are planned and the Postdoc will spend time at both locations.


    Either via AZ jobs at[...]53751 or contact Dr. Lodewyk Wessels, tel. +31 20 512 7987 or e-mail: l.wessels[at] or Dr Tim French, Oncology Informatics, Discovery Medicine, tel. +44 1625-519922 or e-mail:Tim.French[at]

    When applying please ensure you include a CV, list of publications and the names and addresses of at least two persons that can be approached to obtain further information.

    DEADLINE: April 14, 2009

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