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Opportunity: Research Investigator (#0901958) @ Bristol-Myers Squibb--New Haven, CT (US)
Submitted by Jody Aikawa; posted on Tuesday, December 15, 2009
The successful candidate will work in a state of the art Solid StateChemistry laboratory designed for X-ray single crystal structure determination, powder X-ray diffraction and thermal/surface powder bulk characterization. As a member of a highly effective team, they will provide crystallography collaboration in support of drug discovery and preclinical compound optimization, as well as product development programs.

The candidate's major responsibilities will include:
- Growth of single crystals and structure determination of discovery lead compounds and intermediates

- Conducting powder characterization experiments in support of crystallization efforts, formulation characterization, and single crystal studies

- Providing routine maintenance of the lab hardware and update of the application software

- Independent planning and execution of R&D projects, effective oral communication, timely written documentation, and data base entry of results

The candidate will also have the opportunity to develop cross site interactions with process chemists and pharmaceutical scientists and participate in the final form selection, salt and polymorph screening of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, API.

- The candidate should have hands-on experience with chemicalcrystallography, including X-ray diffraction data collection/processing/analysis and structure solution/refinement.

- Experience in crystallization of organic/inorganic materials and preparation of crystalline salts is required.

- Strong organizational and written/verbal communication skills as well as a demonstrated ability to work both independently and in multidisciplinary team environment are essential.

- A working knowledge of physical characterization techniques (e.g. thermal analysis, microscopy, sorption analysis) for chemical/pharmaceutical bulk solids is a plus.

LOCALE: New Haven, CT

To apply for this position please copy and paste the following URL into your browser: [link]

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