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Opportunity: PhD Studentship, BIOINFORMATICS (#1717) @ Plant & Food Research--Christchurch (Lincoln), New Zealand
Submitted by Nadine Andrews; posted on Tuesday, March 09, 2010
Plant & Food Research is a prominent member of the global consortium sequencing the potato genome. With a draft version of the potato genome sequence available, Plant & Food Research is about to embark on the genomic resequencing of several interesting potato varieties.

As a member of Plant & Food Research’s bioinformatics team you will work with senior researchers on a number of important potato traits, employing potato genome resequencing data to better understand a number of important traits in the world’s third largest food crop.

The PhD programme will initially involve the analysis of the potato genome using existing methodology. This is complicated by the fact that potato is a highly heterozygous tetraploid. In the second stage of the programme the focus will shift to developing new, or extending existing methodology, to delve deeper into variation in the non-coding area of the genome, particularly the (post-) transcriptional regulation of transcription.

The candidate will work on methodology for analysing and presenting large, genome-wide data sets in the outlined areas. Close cooperation with potato researchers at Plant & Food Research will ensure biological relevance of the research.

The project will be conducted under the supervision of Dr Mark Fiers of Plant & Food Research. Telephone: +64 (0)3 325 9576, Email: mark.fiers[at]

Candidates will have completed a postgraduate qualification in bioinformatics or a related area and demonstrate an interest in genome annotation and genome resequencing.

This three year scholarship offers a stipend of $25,000 pa.

TERMS: 3 years

For more information, registration details and to apply for this position please visit

ARTICLE: Vacancy 1717

Applications close 6 April 2010.

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