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    Opportunity: Software Developer @ UCSC Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering -- Santa Cruz, CA (US)
    Submitted by Branwyn Wagman; posted on Wednesday, December 05, 2012


    The Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering (CBSE, at UC Santa Cruz seeks an analytical problem-solver to develop software and databases for a major genome analysis resource for biologists. The position is responsible for software development and implementation, constructing and utilizing annotation databases for a variety of genomes, and communicating with our international community of scientific users. The successful candidate must be an experienced engineer who is articulate, able to learn and integrate technical information quickly, and has a strong commitment to quality and best engineering practices. The position requires independence, creativity, and self-motivation in a team environment.

    The CBSE conducts research in a diverse set of projects at the cutting edge of biomedical research, focusing on high-throughput analysis of the human genome. The UCSC Center for Genomic Sciences, part of the CBSE, is a talented cross-disciplinary team that builds databases and develops software for the widely used UCSC Genome Browser (, a tool that facilitates genome analysis and comparison within and across multiple species. The browser provides views of assembled genome sequences that are integrated with details of evolutionary conservation, synteny, genetic map markers, known and predicted genes, SNPs, transcript structure, alternative splicing, and a host of other critical data. It also links to several highly complex sets of data, including those from the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) project, the 1000 Genomes project, and the UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser. The browser software and data are made available via web servers to thousands of scientists and biomedical researchers worldwide, providing a resource vital to research on the UCSC campus and the larger international scientific community.


    Under general supervision, the software developer will be responsible for supporting and extending the UCSC Genome Browser database and software and interfacing with collaborators and users.


    Qualifications include Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent education; extensive experience working with JavaScript, C, and CSS; extensive experience working in a UNIX or Linux environment; familiarity with relational database concepts and SQL; experience using a distributed source code revision control system; knowledge of bioinformatics methods and applications


    Permanent position


    Santa Cruz, California




    Please visit:[...]66073


    Initial application review on 12/17/2012

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