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Neerav Kotecha Neerav Kotecha [Send a message]
Member since: November 30, 2008
Neerav Rameshbhai Kotecha is a senior software Engineer with 6 years of experience in Software Design and development. He has strong C, C++,Python, Perl, R, MySQL, XML programming skills with sound understanding of operating system internals and device driver development. He has experience in Bioinformatics, industrial automation, medical electronics and audio/video streaming domain.
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Career Center
Application for BioInformatician - C/C++ developer
Submitted by Neerav Kotecha; posted on Tuesday, July 07, 2009
Curriculum vitae

Current address:

Institute of BioInformatics and Applied BioTechnology (IBAB)
Electronics City phase 3, Behind 3M
Bangalore, Karnataka


Post Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics
Institute of BioInformatics and Applied BioTechnology (IBAB), ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore
2008 - 2009
Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Communication
GCET, SP university, Gujarat
1998 - 2002


Student Institute of BioInformatics and Applied BioTechnology (IBAB), Bangalore, India 2008 - 2009
Software Engineer eInfochips, Ahmedabad , India 2005 - 2008
Senior Software Engineer Patni, Mumbai, India 2002 - 2005


C , C plus plus, Python, Perl, R

Shell script, XML, VB Script, MySQL, RDBMS

Java and MATLAB.

BLAST, CLUSTALW, Pymol, Bioconductor

Micro Array data Comparison and Analysis tools


Developed new methods for MicroArray data comparison across different platforms like Affymetrix and CDNA.

Implemented PAM, BLOSUM matrix, SmithWaterman, NeedleMan Wunch Algorithm in languages like C, Perl and Python.

Developed program to generate Ramachandran Plot for different amino acid using pdb, bio-python and R language.

Developed program to find internal repeats in DNA sequence.

Did project to find genes related to azoospermia condition (disease related to absence of sperm) found in testis tissue using literature search


I Like to analyse biological data using software language like C, python, perl, R, MySQL and XML language

I like to read books related to Biology and IT

I would like to work in field of Bioinformatics



Phone No: 09986946057

email id: neeravkotecha attherate

email id: nrkotecha attherate

I have worked in Switzerland from Sep 2004 to Dec 2004.


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