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  • SeWeR - Downloads

    SeWeR 3.0 (tar/gz)

    Release notes:

    SeWeR: SEquence analysis using WEb Resources
                 (Version 3.0 Beta)
    Malay K Basu
    What's new in version 3.0 ?  
    This is the first W3C DOM compatible version of SeWeR. That means,
    SeWeR now runs in almost all the major browsers, particularly,
    Netscape (Mozilla), and Firefox. This is an almost complete rewrite of
    the internal JavaScript engine of SeWeR. This version was tested in
    NetScape 7.* on Linux and Windows, Firefox 0.8 on Linux and Windows,
     Internet Explorer 6 on Windows.
    Please note, this is the last version of SeWeR that will support
    NetScape 4.
    *Note: During the release of this version I had no access to OsX
    machine. This version, therefore, is not tested on OsX. Do request
    Apple to donate me a machine ;-)
    All the major and minor link problems has been fixed.
    System Requirement
    SeWeR is entirely written in JavaScript1.2. Requires JavaScript
    enabled browser. SeWeR runs in all versions of NetScape (Mozilla),
    version greater than 4 and all versions of Internet Explorer, version
    greater than 4. All DOM compatible browsers should theoretically run
    SeWeR without any problem. But none of the other browsers has been
    *Note: Due to unavailability of any OsX machine this version of SeWeR
    has not been tested on Mac OsX. This version of SeWeR is officially
    supported only for Linux and Windows platform. OsX users are on their
    own. Please do not request to solve any Mac OsX related problem.
    Installation instruction
    Unzip this archive and run "sewer.htm" in your browser.
    Copyright information
    SeWeR is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSING. For details
    contact "".
    SeWeR is GIF Free
    All the images in SeWeR are PNGs. SeWeR is
    completely GIF free!
    Release notes from earlier version:
    Version 2.6 (August 19, 2001)
    Savvy, a plasmid drawing programs has been integrated. To run Savvy,
    you require a SVG viewer installed in your computer. The easiest way
    is to installed Adobe SVG viewer plugin ( If
     plugin is not available for your platform you can you BATIK SVG
     from Apache project (
    Several program update, including Blast, Clustal.
    Version 2.5 (November 11, 2000)
    SeWeR is completely customizable now. A completely new section of
    "customization" has been added. The User can add any program/service
    to SeWeR
     at will. 
     The "program descriptions" are also dynamic.
    Version 2.0 (April 13, 2000)
    SeWeR is an acronym, stands for SEquence analysis using
    Resources. In addition to its common *dirty* use, the
     word SeWeR also
    has two meanings- first, "a medieval
     servant or household officer of
    high rank in charge of
     serving dishes at the table and sometimes of
    seating and
     tasting" and the second one, "one who sews". SeWeR fits
    all of these definitions. First, it is *dirty* at the code level.
    Second, it serves. It serves you a single door to all the
    web-based services for sequence analysis. And it
     sews. It sews all
    these services together. For a refined mind,
     SeWeR is an integrated
    *DHTML portal to common web-based
     services in bioinformatics*. 
    SeWeR is designed to be server independent and lightweight.
     The whole
    package is just ~250K. It can even run from a
    Contact information 
    For further details contact me:
    Malay K Basu  
    September 1, 2003



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