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  • Epistatic MAP Imputation - Message forums

    Epistatic MAP Imputation Release 1.1
    Submitted by Colm Ryan; posted on Monday, September 13, 2010

    We are pleased to announce the first version of our imputation tools to be hosted on

    Epistatic MAPs (E-MAP) are a high-throughput approach capable of quantifying aggravating or alleviating genetic interactions between gene pairs. This project contains applications for imputing / predicting missing values in E-MAP datasets.

    A notable addition to this release (v 1.1) is a tool for performing K fold cross validation, which allows users to estimate the accuracy of imputation on a given dataset.

    This functions by partitioning the present interactions into ten equally sized folds. Imputation is then performed ten times, with the interactions from one fold hidden in each run. These artificially introduced missing values allow us to estimate the accuracy of the the imputation.

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