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Selecting Namespaces

Namespace configuration


0 Select the "Option" panel

1 Select the sub-panel "Name spaces". If you have selected an analysis context you may find a list of namespaces here. When reading ontologies, new namespaces found are registered here.

2 Change the prefix of a namespace. This change is automatically reflected in currently visualized query results (Synchronization views in the graph is not supported at the moment). If when reading an ontology no namespace is found, a custom prefix may be assigned.

3 Change the color with which element of an ontologies in a namespace are visualized. This affects query results, edges and nodes color. Change in color is Synchronized in query results and in graphs represented in Cytoscape.

4 Activate/Inactivate a namespace. Select which namespaces are visible while browsing an ontology. More in How to browse ontologies.

5 Add a new namespace. Prompts for the new namespace.

6 Remove currently selected namespace.