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Nonstructural Protein
NS2a Protein
Description NS2A is the second non-structural component of the dengue polyprotein. Very little is known about it.
Function Indirect evidence from Yellow Fever and Kunjin virus suggest that dengue NS2A may for part of the replication complex but this is not confirmed in dengue.
Cellular Location The NS1-NS2A cleavage occurs in the endoplasmic reticulum. The protease responsible is an ER membrane bound host protease thought to be signalase (Falgout and Markoff 1995). Green et al 1997 report that dengue NS1 contains one or more epitopes recognized by dengue virus-specific human CD4+ T lymphocytes. This may indicate that at least some NS2A protein is extra-cellular.
Synonyms NS2A, non-structural 2A

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