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Structural Protein
M, prM Protein (Membrane Protein)
Description Membrane protein is synthesized as a precursor prM (~165 amino acids) in the lumen of the ER. Together with E, C and the viral genome, they form the immature viral particle which contains 60 spikes on the surface. Each spike comprises a trimer of prM-E heterodimer (Zhang et al 2003). The three prM proteins hide the fusion peptides on the surface of the virion, preventing E from fusing with host membrane. When the immature virion is transported to the trans-Golgi network (TGN) compartment, the acidic pH of the TGN allows a conformational change of prM and exposes its furin cleavage site (Stadler et al 1997). Furin cleavage of prM results in pr peptide and M protein (~75 amino acids) (Keelapang et al 2004), causing the rearrangement of E to form the mature virion capable of fusion with host cell. For review, see Mukhopadhyay et al 2005.
Function 1) Structural
2) Chaperone for folding and assembly of the E protein
Cellular Location Anchored on the luminal side of the ER membrane
Structure Complex Organization of Dengue Virus Membrane Proteins as Revealed by 9.5 Angstrom Cryo-EM reconstruction (Zhang et al 2003)
Solution Structure of Dengue Virus Capsid Protein Reveals a New Fold.
Download PDB File: 1R6R
Synonyms M protein, PrM, pre-M

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