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Nonstructural Protein
NS4a Protein
Description Dengue NS4A, a small protein of about 150 aa, is among the least studied NS proteins. Hydrophobicity profiling predicts that this could be a membrane spanning protein with a cytoplasmic N-terminal region and rich in alpha helices followed by two transmembrane domains separated by a short peptide and a short C-terminal domain. Studies on related flavivirus kunjin have shown that NS4A plays an essential role in the dramatic rearrangement and induction of unique membrane structures within the cytoplasm of infected cell.

A recent study on has demonstrated the antigenic nature of NS4A by detecting the presence of anti-NS4A antibodies in dengue-patient sera. They mapped the immunodominant epitopes to the N terminal third of NS4A. The significance of this antigenic nature is yet to be understood.
Cellular Location Cryo-EM studies have shown that Dengue NS1 is found associated with virus-containing vesicles in mammalian cells and large virus-induced vacuoles in mosquito cells [Mackenzie et al. (1996)]. Immunofluorescent double labeling studies showed that NS1 localizes in perinuclear and cytoplasmic foci [Westaway and Goodman (1987)] that only partially overlap with the distribution of Dengue E-protein. Cytoplasmic NS1 overlaps almost completely with double stranded RNA [Mackenzie et al. (1996)]. NS1 is also found on the cell membrane [Stohlman et al. (1975), Westaway and Goodman (1987)], anchored into the membrane by a glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol group attached to the NS1 protein [Jacobs et al. (2000)].
Synonyms non structural protein 4A

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