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Events: Istanbul Symposium-Genomics in Reproductive Medicine
Submitted by Tingting Wen; posted on Thursday, October 24, 2013
November 16, 2013

Istanbul Symposium-Genomics application on Clinics will be held on 16th of November 2013, ACIBADEM UNIVERSITESI, Istanbul, Turkey. The main topics will focus onGenetic Testing and Diagnosis (Exome diagnosis, Monogenic Diseases, Personalized Medicine), Reproductive Genetics Testing (IVF and PGD/PGS, NIPT and NIFTY)We expect to have around 200 high ranked participants who are the top researchers from leading European research centers, universities as well as clinical and diagnose fields. The aim of the conference is to share experiences of how to bring ideas from genomics research institutes into clinic application, and we believe that you vast experience and foresight will contribute a lot to the symposium. We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul.

Please visit [link]

For general information, please contact:
Rebecca Ding
Email: dingpeng[at]
Tel: + 86 15002076295

For registration and program information, please contact:
Lucy Chen
Email: chenlu[at]

For speaker and sponsorship information, please contact:
Rebecca Ding
Email: dingpeng[at]

For conference venue, accommodation and travel information, please contact:
Direnç Sarıbaş
Email: direnc.saribas[at]

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