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Events: CfP: The 5th Integrative Analysis in Systems Biology Workshop (IDASB 2014)
Submitted by Zhongming Zhao; posted on Friday, August 22, 2014
Submitter November 2-5, 2014
Belfast, UK (at IEEE BIBM 2014)

Systems biology is a field in biology aiming at a systems level understanding of biological processes. It now an established and fundamental field of interdisciplinary research. Systems biology studies biological systems by systematically perturbing them (biologically, genetically, or chemically); monitoring the changes of genes, RNA, proteins, metabolites, and the related pathways and functional networks; integrating multiple domains of data; and ultimately formulating mathematical models that describe the structure of the system and its response to specific perturbations. An integrated "-omics" approach has created exciting opportunities for systems biology researchers. This workshop aims to provide a forum for discussion on integrated data analysis approaches in systems biology research, such as network and pathway analysis of -omics data, pattern recognition and prediction, modeling and simulation, and data representation and visualization.

This workshop will feature the theme of "integrated approach" and "complex biological system." Research areas include, but are not limited to:
* Large-scale or cross-species data integration for the reconstruction of networks and pathways
* Genomic data analysis using systems biology approaches
* Quantitative understanding of the dynamics of regulatory, signalling, interaction, and metabolic networks through modelling and simulation techniques
* Prediction of protein/RNA structure and biological networks interactions
* Data integration and knowledge-driven approach in biomarker identification and drug discovery
* Enhancement and enablement of knowledge discovery in functional genomics of disease and other phenotypes through integrated -omics approaches
* Semantic webs and ontology-driven biological data integration methods
* Development of integrated systems biology visualization and analysis tools
* Integrating cellular/system interactions and physiological networks in systems medicine

Due date for full workshop paper submission: September 10, 2014
Notification of paper acceptance to authors: September 30, 2014
Camera-ready of accepted papers: October 10, 2014
Workshop: November 2-5, 2014

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