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    URL: Alzheimer Research Forum
    Submitted by Martin Kucej; posted on Thursday, August 22, 2002 (1 comment)


    ``The Alzheimer Research Forum was founded in 1996 to create an online scientific community dedicated to developing treatments and preventions for Alzheimer's disease. Access to the web site is free to all. Our editorial priorities are as diverse as the needs of the research community. The web site creates and maintains web-based resources for researchers and produces discussion forums to promote debate, speed the dissemination of new ideas, and break down barriers across the numerous disciplines that can contribute to the global effort to cure Alzheimer's disease.''


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    Alzheimer's Disease... Learn from others
    Submitted by Nobody; posted on Sunday, April 25, 2004
    Hello my names Calvin. I have worked with persons with Alzheimer's and their family members for over 10 years. When you have been doing this as long as I have you start to see a common denominator in regards to how people cope with this disease. For example... Typically it works like this. - Family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. - The disease progresses and the family brings in help. - The family gets frustrated with the help and moves the person into the family members home. - Family member attempts to provide care. - Person with Alzheimer's is placed in a care home, retirement home or nursing home. After having seen this scenario play out time and time again and hearing of the experience of persons involved. Such as sons changing diapers for their mothers. Or, the healthy spouse becoming ill in an attempt to provide care for the person with Alzheimer's. I have come to the conclusion that the best solution to handling this situation is to use outside help when ever possible and a qualified Care Home when the person with Alzheimer's reaches a point were they are no longer able to live an independent life style. The key word being "qualified". There are a lot of facilities out there and some are definitely better than others. This is were a good referral agency comes into play. For you or the person given the responsibility of finding a care home this is probably their first time doing such a thing. Your not sure exactly what to look for or what questions to ask etc. That's why you should call a professional. We do this every day. Our job is to help you find the best facility for your particular needs. Best of all the service is free. "Take the guess work out of finding a Care Home" 24 hour service. Serving the entire state of California. CALL (650)921-3602 P.S. We have started an additional informative tip forum for persons dealing with Alzheimer's. The Yahoo group is called "Alzheimers Disease". Please make sure you visit.
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