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Help Wanted: GUI Blast: BLAST for every user
Submitted by Sebastian Bassi; posted on Thursday, April 24, 2003
Submitter If you want to run BLAST on your own computer, you can download stand-alone BLAST from NCBI, but it is a command line (CL) program. There's a web interface, but that works only on UNIX-class servers. So, Windows users are limited to the CL.

There is a need for a GUI to BLAST on Windows, and that's where "GUI Blast" comes in handy. I work at a plant biotech company, and the GUI Blast project is something I do on my spare time. I can't do it alone. I need help from a Python programmer.

Here is the roadmap for the GUI Blast program:
1- Finish and polish up the GUI.
2- Make the program easily configurable (from a menu, give the user the chance to set up the database and software path).
3- Make new options, like a pre-configured BLAST option (laxes or non-specific search, normal or default, restrictive search).
4- Make an option to create "batch blasts", using a GUI or with an ad-hoc high-level language.

The program uses Python, BioPython, WxWin and PythonCard.

Anyone who wants to help, please write:

The GUI Blast project page:

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