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Version 2 PR 3 Installer Package is finally available for MacOS X!
Submitted by Kazuharu Arakawa; posted on Sunday, July 27, 2003
G-language GAE v.2 Preview Release 3 for MacOS X

This is a preview release package for MacOS X, 10.2.
Currently only the library and command line version is
available on MacOS X.

MacOS X version 10.2 with developers's kit and
gnuplot(use fink!) is required for installation. This package
may work with 10.0 or 10.1 with perl 5.6.0, but it will not
work with 10.3(Panther) that has perl 5.8.0.

GUI of G-language GAE v.2 is currently not available for
MacOS X.

Uncompress the tar ball, and follow instructions in INSTALL
text. Basically you just need to run "sh" as root

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