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    protein function relationship
    Submitted by K.Alagarsamy; posted on Tuesday, May 18, 2004

    Project Introduction:
    Protein is a molecule which is composed of aminoacids(more than 10000)
    Protein has primary ,secondary,Tertiery,Quartery structure.
    Swiss prot or Expasy is primary sequence has morethan 2,50000 organism primary sequence.this sequences are auto Annotated.

    1.To predict the function of unknown protein sequence using available data. This prediction based on computational tools and available bioinformatics tools.
    2.This project may include creating new tools & softwares.
    3.Another phase of work is model the unknown protein sequence and predict the 3-D structure of proteins.
    Primary steps involved for finding the protein function.
    1.TO select the unknown protein sequence from swiss prot(
    2.To find the homologous sequence and predict the function based sores with help of BLAST,FASTA,MULTIPLE SEQUENCE ALIGNMENT.
    3.To predict the secodary structure of protein sequence.
    5.To assign particular functions and give proper proof of that function(important)
    6.Remember that protein primary sequence related to structure & function.

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