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Education: New distance courses in Systems Biology
Submitted by Heather Vincent; posted on Tuesday, August 05, 2008
Submitter Manchester Informatics ( is delighted to be able to announce the award of funding to develop two new courses in Systems Biology. These new courses will follow from our existing online course, Bioinformatics for Systems Biology.

Bioinformatics for Systems Biology enables the successful student to: explain the need for models of systems; understand network layouts, using Cytoscape; understand the use of protein-protein interaction networks in function prediction.

The final section of this course introduces dynamic models. The details are available here: [link]

The two new courses will be:

1. Mathematics for metabolic modelling
2. Computational simulation and analysis of biochemical networks

'Mathematics for metabolic modelling' will provide the necessary mathematical background for the second course, 'Computational simulation and analysis of biochemical networks'. The software used will include Cytoscape, CellDesigner and COPASI.

For further information, please contact Heather.Vincent[at]

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