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Report: Influence of virtual conferences on bioinformatics in developing nations
Submitted by Prashanth Suravajhala; posted on Friday, June 18, 2010
Submitter Organizing on-site conferences requires substantial expense including the costs of the venue, labour, and accommodations for speakers invited from other countries. Scientific institutions in developing nations can find these costs prohibitive, thus limiting the number of conferences that they can afford to host.

We at Bioinformatics.Org, in collaboration with, a partner of Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network (, recently organized a virtual conference on bioinformatics in India (Inbix'10) featuring an impressive collection of distinguished speakers. Although the bandwidth and network stability in India is modest relative to that of Western nations, the advantages of lower cost and effort outweighed these technical difficulties, and the virtual conference was considered a success by the organizers and participants.

A meeting report of this conference has been recently published in India's journal Current Science, a publication of the Indian Academy of Science. The report is available at [link]

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