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The Smith Waterman algorithm to run on a brand-new innovative P2P Distributed Network Com
Submitted by Chris Xie; posted on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 (1 comment)
The Smith Waterman algorithm was ported to run on a brand-new innovative P2P Distributed Network Computing platform called "GreenTea". GreenTea is freely available for download from

The goal is:

1. to promote application development on GT for bioinformatics. The GT implementaion of Smith waterman algorithm jumpstarts the initiative toward this goal.

2. to create an Internet-wide supercomputing, or distribted network computing platform leveraging GreenTea's unique P2P network computing architecture, in or der to achieve "freedom of supercomputing for all", with the lowest cost of computing - Green Computing, as promoted by GreenTea platform.

This is achieved through the GreenTea platform. GreenTea is a total resource sharing and aggregation platform. Individual scientists can build a GreenTea network computer at home, in the office, or on the Internet. Through the GreenTea network, there is no need for a dedicated linux cluster. Any GT node can be both a beneficary as well as a contributor in the GreenTea network.

We are in the process of building such a GreenTea network computer on the Internet. Here, I call upon our community members to support this cause, and join the GreenTea P2P distributed network computing community. If you have any large computing job to do, port it to GreenTea, and run it in our GreenTea network computer on the Internet.

For more literatures on GreenTea, or information about joining the community and building the GreenTea Internet computer, please visit the download page at

Help wanted: we need Java developers, who are interested in P2P Distributed Network Computing in bioinformatics, and to develop and/or port bioinformatics applications to run on GT platf

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sharing of Articles/software
Submitted by Arun.a; posted on Sunday, May 18, 2003
This is a thread to share the software/source code/program/research articles/ideas. Join in this and use it fruitful.
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