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Events: CfP: MacBrain one-day symposium on integrative analysis of brain diseases
Submitted by Elena Marchiori; posted on Friday, August 03, 2012
DATE: September 6, 2012
LOCALE: Nijmegen, The Netherlands

A one day international symposium on the integrative analysis of brain diseases: brain banks, machine learning, clinical and pathological studies.

The goal of this symposium is to provide researchers and practitioners an overview of the cutting edge research on core aspects of integrative research of brain diseases, combining data management, machine learning and clinical and pathological studies.

The lectures from worldwide domain experts will describe state-of-the-art research and discuss innovative directions aiming at optimizing knowledge discovery processes, from data collection in brain banks through machine learning to integrative clinical and pathological studies. For instance, by analyzing the clinical, genetic and neuropathological data that are present in the database of a brain bank, subtypes of neurodegenerative disorders, pathological mechanisms and drug responsiveness might be identified. This might lead to better tools for clinical diagnostics and provide starting-points for drug development.

The symposium will provide a multi-disciplinary forum for discussing issues and achievements in research on brain diseases. It will stimulate and strengthen synergy and collaboration among researchers from different disciplines, such as brain bankers, data managers, IT specialists, pathologists and clinicians, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness the integrative study of brain diseases.

The registration fee for the MacBrain 2012 symposium is EUR 50. It includes coffee/drinks and lunch. Please register at [link]

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