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Has anybody been able to get the R/parallel work
Submitted by Penny; posted on Tuesday, February 24, 2009
I tried to run it on both linix station and windows. It seems to run oK. However, the run time is much longer than running on one cpu. Does anybody know what is the problem? My code is roughly like this. Can somebody help me with this? Thanks bgSubtract.dym.p <- function (,,,, lRT, rRT, ppm, lowThr, ppmAdj,fac) { <- as.matrix( <- as.matrix( <- as.matrix( <- as.matrix( mL.tg2 <- NULL if( "rparallel" %in% names( getLoadedDLLs()) ) { runParallel( resultVar="mL.tg2", resultOp="c", nWorkers=2 ) } else { for (i in 1:nrow( { ..... for (j in start:end) { ........ } mL.tg2 <- c(mL.tg2,[start:end,2]) } } return(mL.tg2) }
Re: Has anybody been able to get the R/parallel work
Submitted by QILI; posted on Friday, May 14, 2010
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